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We wanted to create an affordable professional package for the independent director that was cost-effective but marketable enough to make a difference to sales. It is our firm belief that a poignant reason that adult sales have been in increasing decline is that the market itself is over-saturated with products that fail to convey the joy of owning a pornographic movie. The industry itself will see no help from alternative markets and cross-pollination of products so it is up to the industry to make a positive difference to raise the value of pornography in the eyes of the consumer.

Sex sells?

The idea that 'sex sells’ works in practically every single market except the sex industry. You can use sex to sell a perfume, a car, a holiday… but in the Adult Entertainment Industry where sex is the product itself you can not rely on sex to make a difference to the targeted audience. What makes sex better sex in the eyes of the consumer? Intentional, strategic and expertly implemented design that communicates value and encourages ownership. We would like to see a number of pornographic films reach the same sales as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and it can be done. Through marketing and design anything can be done.

We live in a time where people scroll through their social network feeds and adverts are displayed one after another after another. The promotion of Adult content is now in direct competition with mainstream outlets. It is our goal to give Adult Entertainment the unfair advantage in acquiring the conscious focus of an ever-increasing customer base.

It is for these reasons that we have created the Standard Adult DVD/VOD package, to give independent directors and smaller studios a way to compete with the bigger studios so that great films can see the success they are warranted and so that the customer is exposed to higher quality of pornographic trends that over time shift their psycho-logical associations to something a little more malleable.

  • 1 x Movie Logo

  • 1 x Layered Artwork

  • 1 x Indesign Package

  • 1 x Print-Ready PDF

  • 1 x Onbody Disc Label


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