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You can consider our unique approach to adult movie packaging and promotion as your golden ticket to success and market domination. These boxcovers don’t just sell movies, they condition brands into the hearts and minds of the consumer. As marketers we know that people only ever buy in response to their emotions; a decision is made first emotionally and then realised intellectually within the first 2 seconds of experiencing a new product. Our work is meticulously crafted to blur the lines between the mainstream and the adult sides of the entertainment sphere so that consumers can no longer see a difference.

Dream it. Do it.

Each and every image is brought to life with extensive retouching that instantly launches the work ahead of the competition. The fully prepped photographs are then placed into a multi-layered composite, a symphony of composition and subtle shifts between light and dark to make the box art hugely attractive. We then infuse expert visual techniques that communicate directly to the consumer and engage their instinctual buying habits. It is entirely possible to use colour and composition to fashion allegiances with consumers by using the right composition, the right colours and employing the right overall presentation of the product. It is entirely possible to stimulate the dopamine response in groups of people and make the very act of buying products addictive.

It is the goal of Red Roxy Studios to use such techniques to change the public perception of pornography over time so that the industry is supported by big business looking to make money and a new platinum era of adult entertainment can begin.

  • 1 x Movie Logo

  • 1 x Layered Artwork

  • 1 x Indesign Package

  • 1 x Print-Ready PDF

  • 1 x Onbody Disc Label

  • Movie Poster Hardcore + Softcore for Social Media

  • Promotional Key Art of Porn Stars (Up to 5 performers)

  • DVD Product Shot Advert for Social Media

  • Hardcore Social Media Advertising x 5

  • Softcore Social Media Advertising x 5

  • Twitter Header & Profile Picture


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