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I am a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Málaga City, working exclusively for the Hardcore Entertainment business. My focus is on providing my clients with seductive & engaging art direction and design for their sinful productions. I work with the some of the biggest studios, directors, photographers and performers in the Adult industry and continue to gain ground in a wider range of businesses that specialise in carnal and animalistic pleasure.

In today’s market place, professional graphic design is absolutely vital in differentiating your business from your competitors. Graphic design is an incredibly powerful tool for visual communication. It is able to communicate specific information directly, subliminally, whilst simultaneously conveying the principles and philosophies of your brand. Great graphic design enables you to intimately connect with your consumers on a deeply emotional level. This results in higher volumes of traffic to your website, contributes to a strong brand awareness and encourages people to buy your product or pay for your services. 

I take tremendous pride in my work and the unique services that I provide my clients. I have built a strong reputation for excellence amongst my clients and peers for producing conscious graphic design that truly captivates the market place. My priority is to enable my clients to crush the competition. I work with arguably some of the biggest names in Adult Entertainment throughout Europe, creating brand identities, websites, packaging, illustration, advertising, photographic retouching and generating even more business with my robust and psychological social networking packages.

As an independent artist my focus is on substance, incorporating my enthusiastic passion for business into each and every project and being able to bring this service to my clients for a fraction of the cost of mainstream agency fees.

Red Roxy Studios has grown exponentially over just a few years; a reflection of my integrity, work ethic and passion to succeed! I am fully qualified with over 15 years of experience in design and marketing. I possess a “can-do”, positive attitude that reflects in my work and customer service. I am absolutely dedicated to making Red Roxy Studios an international success.

I am able to help grow your business TODAY. If you are looking for a creative, innovative and forward thinking graphic designer with innovative marketing skills that can contribute to the long term success of your business, then I am ready and would love to hear from you!



It is more important than ever for every business to have a strong and concise identity that immediately reflects their core ethics, intention and professionalism.



I work closely with my clients to conceptualise, design, develop and maintain their adult websites, both custom-built and templates with CMS, PHP and HTML5 as standard.



I conceive and deliver both on and offline advertising that is congruent across all of your content, increasing your potential customer base and solidifying their brand loyalty.



I know how to create visually-arresting design that can convey everything you would hope to communicate to your demographics. I design to engage emotions.



My in-house professional photographer can conceptualise, capture and curate cutting-edge images that make your business, service or products truly memorable.



I offer business owners a range of composite and advanced retouch treatments. I specialise in professional, high end images that captivate your customers.



I provide a range of motion graphic services including Animated Logos, Adverts, Infographics, Compositing, Lower Thirds, Parallax Photo Galleries, Special Effects and 3D Modelling.



I utilise Social Networks to communicate directly to your customers with the intention of maximising brand awareness, fashioning allegiances and engineering consent through group think.


C     O     V     E      N


Red Roxy Studios is a proud member of the Adult Entertainment Community and I have worked with some of the biggest and most prolific directors, studios, business owners and performers in porn. Each of my clients become a valued member of my ever-increasing network of industry professionals as we work collaboratively to build a better, more sinful world of erotic pleasure.


O     M     E     N



For style, design and pure innovation you should look no further than Red Roxy Studios. They are at the very top of their class in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

United Kingdom Adult Producers (UKAP)

Terry Stephens


He is a true perfectionist. I honestly think that he can help any company to soar higher with their brand and marketing. The work that is produced at Red Roxy Studios is always on point and consistently mesmerising. 


Paul Tayor


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