Orson Swelles
Logo Design

Orson Swelles is an up and coming porn director based in Newcastle. He is currently directing movies for 'Lust Films', an off-shoot 'Dusk Films', the team behind the internationally popular 'Nerd Pervert' series. Orson Swelles has a rare passion for mainstream cinema which he is is keen to implement into his adult productions. In September he commissioned Red Roxy Studios to produce his logo, just in time for his appearance at the UKAP Awards 2017.

The brief for the project was to produce a contemporary logo that payed homage to the early Warner Brothers branding, a company that held a special place in his heart. He was very clear about having the letter O and S on a shield with his full name on a banner, wrapping the entire emblem.

I began to create the logo in several stages. The shield itself, the letters and the banner were produced individually, first as a vector path in Adobe Illustrator and then brought into the third dimension using Cinema 4D.

Once I had finished a 3D model of the entire design, I added textures in Adobe Photoshop to give the appearance of a rock sculpture, aged from extensive weathering. I presented the logo to Orson as both a flat vector design, that he could use as watermarks for his various productions and as a full colour graphic, which was rendered above cinematic clouds.

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