Bad Ass Grandma Series 1-2 Packaging & Branding

2017 has been an incredibly successful year for LaceyStarr. Over the summer she launched a ten DVD series titled 'Granny Extreme' which she immediately followed up with another series titled 'Filthy Gilf', both of which proved to be hugely popular amongst old and young porn consumers alike. She won the 'Milf Of The Year' award at the Paul Raymond Awards 2017 and starred in her own mini series, 'Bad Ass Grandma' which debuted on TVX. LaceyStarr is clearly a porn star who has matured like a fine wine, getting a little better with each year. Red Roxy Studios has had the privilege of working with Lacey on her incredibly journey since the start of 2017, producing the marketing, branding and packaging for her blockbuster movies.


With 'Bad Ass Grandma', TVX had opted to show a raw, energetic Lacey to appeal to her younger demographic. The original branding had a punky 'girl power' feel to it. I felt that the styling was absolutely perfect for her show and wanted to produce a similar branding for her DVD packaging that was stylistically engaging but maintaining the overall quality and sophistication that has now become synonymous with the LaceyStarr brand. Perhaps the most important consideration was to continue the effort to appeal to her younger fans, increasing her reach, longevity and popularity.

I knew early on that the branding I wanted to create should project the energy and vitality of youth in a kinetic way. I also wanted to produce a design that was congruent with our pre-conditioned conception of mainstream broadcast graphics. I drew heavy inspiration from MTV and in particular the title design and 'Idents' that have become iconic branding in their own right. Initially I wanted to produce the design in neon colours but opted for colours that had a stark contrast but similarly seemed to compliment each other. I was especially fond of the pink and purple because the pink is symbolic of youth and the purple embodies the distinctive qualities of a mature woman. 

I created a series of abstract 3D renders using Cinema4D which served to subliminal suggest the movement so often seen in computer generated geometric shapes. I applied a motion blur to shards of glass that explode from the centre of the front cover. I often use blurs in the back and foreground to trick the eye into believing there is a slight depth of field to the overall design.

There were no glamour shots with the original project assets so I decided to employ a futuristic style with the front cover thumbnail images that complimented the cover which I then married to the background with wireframe versions of the previous 3D models.

With this DVD series LaceyStarr is pushing the boundaries of what is typically considered to be Adult Entertainment. Neither traditional porn or arthouse porn, LaceyStarr is standing on the very threshold of the Avant Garde. She is a true pioneer and this is why her success will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. 


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