This just so happens to be the very first coaching post on our brand new Red Roxy Studios website, so obviously we wanted to discuss something important for those who want to succeed in adult business. Why should your adult business be investing in social media professionally? Is there such a thing as good and bad social media? How can you ensure that your XXX business sees measurable, profitable results?

In future posts we will discuss individual networks, how they function best and how you can make them work for your adult business. The subject of social networking and marketing in general is both vast and constantly changing. It is common for individuals new to the subject to fall into the 'paralysis of analysis' but we've got you covered!

This is why the following list is a generalised starting point for those who are looking for a comprehensive overview of exactly what your social media networks need to achieve from the start.

If you follow these hacks you will give yourself the best possible means of success and a strong foundation from which to build your XXX empire, transforming every follower into a paying customer!



The first thing that you need to do is make a definitive decision that you are going to rise to the challenge of social media and that you will refuse any outcome that falls short of absolute success.

Nothing in business is straight forward or easy, particularly in sex work and the adult industry,  but that is also what makes it so much fun! You have to take full responsibility of your social networking and know that success is determined by two things, time and effort. If you are dedicated, if you are patient, it won't be long before your audience grows exponentially, that people will begin to love and share your outstanding content and the popularity of your brand begins to sky rocket.

Social media marketing is a long game and like all long games, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time to start is right now. Where focus goes energy flows. When you invest time and effort into your social media, you will see the results you desire.

It all starts with making an honest, sincere commitment.




If you don't know where you want to be, how can you expect to arrive there? If you wan't to be successful with your social media then you should specify exactly what being successful will entail. What exactly are you are hoping to get out of it? What is your businesses mission? What do you want to communicate to your followers once you have them? Why are they going to care? For models and performers this is especially important because the target audience are always looking to get something for free and are easily distracted. You are in direct competition with other girls and must find ways to make your brand memorable to take ownership of the customer base.

It is amazing that many businesses begin posting social media without first fully understanding what they would like to get out it. If you have set your business goals you can work towards achieving them. What kind of content are you going to be producing and why? What kind of posts are you going to engage with and share on your own feeds? It is easy to post a selfie or video and that will always bring you followers, but if you want to transform followers to customers you have to appeal to their sense of value. By taking consideration to place value on the content you share, you will naturally encourage those who discover your content to also place value.

Value breeds brand loyalty.




Contrary to popular belief, being 'yourself' on social media is not a prerequisite to success. The tone of voice of your business, (as defined by your branding, your market analysis and your public relations) is PARAMOUNT as it is the only language that your targeted demographic will respond to. 

The key is to remember is that your target audience is human and that like all humans, they will respond as such. First emotionally and then intellectually. When you write your posts, address groups and individuals with an emphasis on human interaction. In short, don't be a robot. Customers are always looking to fulfil their  physical needs in the short term and emotional needs in the long term. The adult businesses that take advantage of this fact keep their customers coming back for more. 

You can draw inspiration from the advertisements aired between TV shows. Every business promoting their brand or service appeals to their customers on an emotional level. Their hierarchy of needs. They do not sell burgers by simply telling you what is in the burger and that it will combat hunger. Rather they appeal to a customers appetite for happiness. Being hungry is not a consumer requirement and those who believe the myth that ‘sex sells sex’ should pay close attention. ‘Being horny’ is not a consumer requirement either. 




The best way to promote your business is by giving your customers exactly what they want. History has showed, (long before statistics could) that what people truly want is to be understood.

Listen to your followers.

Social media for consumers performs many functions depending on the individual. Social media for businesses is an essential tool for public relations. It is a platform for customer service. Consumers expect their own posts to be acknowledged, processed and acted upon by businesses with the minds of the few becoming the voice of the many.

Interacting with your audience fosters personal relationships for your brand, which is also true for other potential customers who witness the conversation. Engagement is one of the best ways to build a following quickly. 

Communicating with your audience is an opportunity to advertise the unique characteristics of your business mission, products or service. Absorbing the attitudes and opinions of your audience will give you key insight into their impulses, their consumer needs and the impact of current events on trending behaviours. The smartest businesses will factor this free information into their own market research to develop new marketing strategies. This is just one of the many, (often overlooked) ways that investing in professional social media management can save your business money or increase your profit margin.

Business owners just 50 years ago would have done anything to be able to utilise such powerful means, yet we often take such things for granted.




Even with some excellent applications out there for managing all of your social media in one place, the reality is that effective social media marketing needs to be tailored for the specific network. The posts you create on Facebook are not always going to be appropriate for Twitter, each platform will have different approaches regarding explicit content. However, it’s not just nudity that makes a difference. Those popular photographs that you've posted on Instagram won't automatically translate to the same success on Pinterest. There are more social networks out there then most businesses are able to name, all with very good reasons for contributing and it just isn't feasible to be on all.

Don't worry, you really don't have to be!

In fact, studies have shown that the best success comes from focusing your time and energy into the few select networks that your customers are using. It is better to have a strong presence where it matters, as opposed to a mediocre presence in every deep, dark corner of the internet! Your time and effort with social media is better spent creating engaging content and communicating with your customers. For the adult industry we highly recommend twitter as you really do have the flexibility to post whatever content you wish. There are only two drawbacks to Twitter. Obviously you are going to run into a LOT of competition, I do not think most adult businesses really appreciate how big the user base is. Secondly, we advise our clients to run unofficial, soft accounts because anyone posting hardcore content will automatically be hidden from 80% of the total number of users. Have you considered to run accounts in different countries with different languages? The most successful adult businesses are already taking advantageous of the internet in this way and it DOES affect your profit margin considerably.




What is going to keep you inspired and motivated, even on those rainy days where we feel like we want to give up, run away and join the circus? We've all been there. How do you make sure that social media management is something you can continue to juggle. One word.


I know that every entrepreneur in business lives a life of burning passion. Every single day they rise from their bed, run 5 miles before hitting up that office space and achieve what the almighty god put them on this great earth to exceed in... success. Thats fine, but the reality is that business willtest you, as it tests each and every one of us who seek to live a better life. The trials and tribulations of challenge are what build us as individuals, to provide us with the wisdom to move forwards with renewed confidence. How do we summon our passion at times when we feel it is unduly absent? 

During times of burnout, try to remember your purpose and why you took on the challenge of business and social media management. According to Tony Robbins on 'The Art Of Fulfilment' it is the "20% of what you do in life that makes 80% of the difference." If you have a big enough why, you will figure out the "how". If you have a plan and a mission, if you know the results you are after and you know why success is important to you, then you will have an unlimited resource of passion to tap into when you need that extra push. 


Thank you for taking the time to read our post and thank you in advance to everyone who shares it on their own networks as this is the best compliment a business can receive in this digital age. We look forward to bringing you regular articles in the near future!





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