Lovehoney's Death By Orgasm

The people at Love Honey sure know how to put the fun back in to Halloween. The company has an entire line of vibrators dedicated to some the greatest monsters that ever hit the silver screen and your nightmares. The funny thing is that once they’re out of the packaging, they look like a boring old vibrating bullet.


The company is the king of packaging though and these would make an awesome Halloween gift for your macabre honey bunny. Instead of the traditional plastic packaging that most vibrators come in, the Death by Orgasm toys come in their own coffin. Yep, ramp up the creep factor a little when you lay a mini-coffin down on your bedspread.

The vibrators come in Vampire Black, Mummy Gold, Werewolf Silver and Zombie Green. Once they’re out of the packaging, they’re just like any other bullet on the market. Will it make you cum like a bored housewife sitting on the washer during spin cycle? Yep.

The company did do an amazing job with their Scorpion line of Death by Orgasm. Open the coffin and there is an actual scorpion sex toy with a vibrating bullet inside of it. If your girlfriend gets off on bugs that don’t require a special shampoo, then she’ll go crazy over this. It looks amazing and for Halloween, you won’t find a more creepy and yet erotic gift.

While I am sure many men and women have thought about banging Sookie Stackhouse or getting some nookie from Eric Northman on True Blood, Love Honey can make you an official Fang Banger. The Fang Banger love ring goes around his cock and has a vibrating bullet for clitoral and one for anal/ testicular stimulation.

I love that this company has totally embraced Halloween and while the actual bullets are nothing special, the packaging alone is enough to sell you on it.