London Fetish Fair

It’s Sunday noontime… after a night of conversing and loud EDM that further amplified my enormous headache; I decided the only way forward was a McDonalds and a strawberry milkshake. Soon after we arrive at the London Fetish Fair: a trade show whereby leading British fetish retailers showcase and sell their products.


A lady called Heather Doune runs this event; we spotted her in an almost Steampunk style attire, zipping around the place with a clipboard and pen.

This year’s event was held at the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall. It was a great venue for such an event as it was fairly spacious yet the dark décor and circular stall layout give it an intimate feel.  Our first quick stop was at the refreshments stall right near the entrance.  When you come across a stall selling homemade fudge, it’s very hard to turn and walk away. No… I brought that fudge!

We had a general wonder around to get a better feel for the place. Our first official point of call was the Simply Pleasure (Hammersmith branch) stand. The stall played host to number of leading brands’ sex toys and accessories.  From silicone and H2O based lubes to vibrators to butt plugs… Simply Pleasure seemed to have it all! Our ever so lovely demonstrator gave us a run down on the best quality products that are now available on the market; it’s function and reliability.  It’s incredible how far the adult products industry have come, even just in the last 2 years alone. Medical grade silicone is quickly becoming the industry standard for sex toys. Though they come at a slightly higher price, the general consensus appears to be ‘you get what you pay for’.

With many samples on display, our demonstrator showed us the mechanics of different products. One of which was Fun Factory’s Pulsator Stronic Eins.  Unlike conventional vibrators, the Stronic Eins has a powerful thrusting mechanism. Its different settings allow you to control the intensity and speed of the thrusting motion. This revolutionary product is set to change the way women receive pleasure from such products. 

Tenga have a fantastic range of Clitoral Vibrators, one of which is the Iroha Midori; a cute lime green, pear shaped vibrator made from medical grade silicone. Its ultra soft exterior makes it ideal for solo or couples play; the batteries are rechargeable and it has 3 different settings from a gentle pulse to a more intense vibration.

Another range I found particularly interesting was Icicles. They do a selection of glass dildos and butt plugs that can be used as they are or placed in the freezer to achieve an icy cold sensation but without condensation or frost burn.

There were so many products shown to us, if only we could share them all! Check out Simply Pleasure’s website for a full list of their products. I recommend checking out their Silicone section.


The next stall we looked at belonged to Sub Space Leathers: a bespoke brand specialising in BDSM toys and kink-wear. There was a whole array of beautifully coloured pleather belts, spiked neck collars, paddles and cuffs. Some of the products are actually very cute and could be worn with alternative style clothing; giving it practical uses both in and outside of the bedroom.


Fetish Corsets are a brand that specialises in steel boned corsets made for maximum impact i.e. achieving the hourglass figure. From beautifully embroidered satin to shocking red PVC, there is a corset suitable for everyone by this company. The stall owners were extremely pleasant and helpful. I told them of them of my plight with corsets (I am a UK size 6 with a very small bust).  They assured me however that a number of their corsets would most likely fit someone of my build. I told them I have always really liked waist cinctures. I found a red PVC corset that particularly took my fancy. They helped me try it on and to my amazement it fitted! A non-made-to-measure corset that actually gives me the desired shape! It was tight and clearly made in such a way to reflect the lines of human anatomy, however it was still comfortable! Each corset is guaranteed to last 5 years. By the feeling of the material and the sturdy boned structure of the corset I tried on, I could tell they are made extremely well and of good quality materials. I’d say for budding corset lovers and die-hard fetishists, it’s absolutely worth buying!


One of my favourite stalls at the event was Yummy Gummy Latex. This company has made quite a name for itself by the use of their own medical grade latex sheets.  Yummy Gummy both supply their latex sheets and sell their own clothing. The sheets come in a variety of colours, marble effects and now glitter! Rebecca Allsop (YGL owner) showed me the latest sheet she has designed incorporating glitter into a cream coloured latex sheet. She informed me that the glitter was added during the process of production so that the glitter doesn’t transfer from the sheet on to your skin. Cleaver huh? It also feels ultra soft and smooth, just like her other latex products. Rebecca herself was modelling one of her designs; a stunning bodycon dress made with blue, black and silver marble latex. I am keen to follow this brand and to see what new and exciting designs they will be sharing with us. Yummy Gummy Latex is definitely one to watch.

EctoMorph was a designer I hadn’t encountered before. However after a look at their work and a quick chat with the stall owner, I was surprised I hadn’t! What makes EctoMorph unique from other latex brands is that all of their garments have seams, STITCHED seams! Each item is of high quality and is made in such a way that it’s easy to take on and off.  This brand is excellent for evening wear that makes a statement; it’s classy, fashionable and unique. Check it out. 


Finally I spoke with the owner of B Barbarella; a bespoke leather clothing company that uses ethical sourced bird feathers for adornments. Here you will find an assortment or skirts, bikini tops, dresses, feather boleros and hair accessories in all different colours. Her designs can give your evening outfit a touch of alternative glamour or a sexy edge. She informed me that more of her designs will soon be available on her website. We look forward to seeing future works from B Barbarella as the fusion between feathers and leather is definitely a unique one.

We also had a brief look at Affordable Leather which sells a selection of leather bondage wear, accessories and sex toys. Perfect for the lifestyle fetishist.

There was also The Dogs Bolloxx, which provide an assortment of gags, collars, cuffs, chokers and animal-play orientated gear. Their products are of high quality and reflect the niche market they cater for. Been looking for a brand like this? Check them out.

Lastly we spotted the Jed Phoenix stand in the centre of the room. What is distinctive about Jed Phoenix’s designs is the combination of traditional clothing from different parts of the world and modern, alternative style. What I found particularly striking was the Japanese Kimono inspired gowns. The angular shoulder pads, silk waist belts and full-length gown would give any customer an instantly striking look.

To wrap up our day, we spotted a couple of the Gunge Girls going for a couple of rounds of Sploshing in the gunge pool. If you have never heard of Sploshing it might be worth giving this read:

In this case however, the men and woman involved were wearing swimwear. We also bared witness to a lady being strapped into a Pillory whereby she was asked in a ‘panto’ style if she wanted to be sploshed. She quickly replied with a ‘yes’ to which everyone’s varying levels of amusement she was bombarded with green and orange slime as well as shortly after with a couple of paper plates full of whipped cream.  She was laughing just as much as some of the audience was if not more! I felt this was a fun and somewhat engaging act to add to the whole experience.

We also saw some kind of demonstration involving the use of fire and wax, unfortunately I missed most of this act but I can say safely say no-one was harmed!

All in all we had a great day at the fair, it gave as a good insight into quality fetish / alternative lifestyle brands that exist within England. I have a feeling I may be making an appearance at next year’s event depending on who is showcasing.  For more info contact Heather Doune (@london_fetish).



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