Grace Neutral: Futuristic Beauty

Although she is not working in porn, Grace Neutral is a pioneer in the world of body mods. It must surely be only a matter of time before there is an increase in the number of adult performers to undergo similar modifications.


Many will have been influenced by her unique style and the amazing technology now available for us to change our external appearance to match whatever our internal image may be. 

Working together with her highly skilled associate in advanced modification, Luna Cobra, She has undergone the following incredible surgeries and procedures in order to achieve her other-worldy beauty.

She has had selected facial scarring and skin peeling in order to create flowing grooves in her face that perfectly accentuate her breath-taking looks.

She has had her tongue split to look like a snake-human hybrid.

She has had her ears split and then reformed to create Elven points that look straight out of lord of the rings.

Naturally she has a bunch of awesome tattoos but maybe the most striking ones are on her eyeballs, which have been coloured purple to add something that Marilyn Manson could not achieve on his best day with simple contact lenses.

Maybe the most striking body-mod she conceived of and has had done is that she has had her Bellybutton removed completely so her stomach is completely smooth, to look like “a doll or a clone”.

Here is a quote from her interview with the I-D section of Vice magazine. In some ways her attitude to modding seems perfectly in keeping with the progressive attitude of personal liberty that is expressed through the adult industry.

“Always do your research into artists because safety is the biggest issue. Make sure you look into every little last detail and that you're comfortable with your artist. Don't let anyone else control how you look. You own your body - you should be allowed to do what you want with it”.