In many ways, camming is just another type of performance; however instead of accolades and Oscars, it’s masturbating and tipping. There are performers that are destined for long-term dinner theatre and those that will end up getting their close-up with Mr. DeMille.


Aella is one of those destined for stardom. Why? She’s hot, naked, funny and pretty much everywhere. If you’re into camming and haven’t heard of her, then you’re probably into some weird freaky stuff. Although, considering that she does often dress up as a mime, there’s no excuse even for you.

She rose to fame thanks to a NSFW comedic piece about a girl being attacked by garden gnomes that went viral on Reddit. It’s a signature piece that she’s parlayed into many skits. She’s active on Reddit and never disappoints her many camming clients. For many people, Aella is a picture of perfection. Men love a woman that can make them laugh, think about everything from philosophy to feminism and then go down on another girl or film her first experience with a Hitachi.

If you want a glimpse of the type of unique personality this admitted INTP has, then look no further than her twitter page. It is a place where she waxes poetically on how a sore throat makes her sound like a donkey when she orgasms. Or read her blog and experience some of her original fiction.

She’s a performer, an artist, a model and, yes, a cam girl. She’ll dazzle you with the funny before bringing you to the edge of pure pleasure. The people that watch her cam show are truly entertained in every conceivable way. I can’t help, but think Toulouse-Lautrec himself would have counted her not only as a worthy subject for his painting, but as a compatriot as well.

She’s smart and bawdy and seemingly not afraid of anything. She’d been with men and women, attacked by garden gnomes and paraded around as a squirrel taco. People are at ease around her and that’s one of the many reasons why she is quickly reaching superstar status in the world of camming and one-day mainstream success as well.

If you want to learn more about her, then check out her website at, twitter @Aella_Girl, YouTube, etc. etc. etc. If I typed them all, I’d get a hand cramp and I need that hand for her next cam show.