Lisa Ann Retires: Say It Ain't So!

Porn Star extraordinaire Lisa Ann announced today to her fans via a handwritten letter that she plans retiring and will no longer create adult films. 


That doesn’t mean she won’t do the occasional cam show or send out the occasional unreleased scene, but for all intents and purposes this queen of the industry is giving it up.

Lisa Ann began with exotic dancing and transitioned into adult film in the 1990s. She rose steadily in the ranks thanks to an amazing talent and rapport with her fans via her social media sites.

She left the industry for a bit to be a featured dancer and then returned as an agent before once again walking to the front of the stage.

I became a big Lisa Ann fan late in her career with her satirical portrayal of Sarah Palin in ‘Who’s Nailin’ Palin’ and was hooked ever since. She’s considered a MILF and played her share of sexy moms teaching her daughter about the pleasures of the flesh.

Her vivacious lips and luscious curves set her part from many of the starlets in the industry as well as her heartfelt devotion to her fans. In this day and age of 150-character expression, her hand written letter reminds us why she was such a popular star.

I think more than anything, she is looking forward to having somewhat of a normal life.  She’ll continue with her Sirius sport show and plans on creating a porn star boot camp to help people looking to get into the industry.

I am sure that I am only one of many that are sad to see her leave, but wish her the best and hope the dreams she has for her post-adult career come true.

Farewell, Lisa Ann, we’ll miss you.