Lelo Ora: A Little Flick Is All It Takes

Oral sex for men has always been pretty simple to simulate thanks to the bevy of skin-like mouth toys out there and lubrication, but women have got the short end of the stick…that is until the Lelo Ora.


It’s no secret that oral sex is great, but for single women or women who have partners that aren’t into it, the Ora is the next best thing. At first glance, it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but on closer inspection you notice a small area that is incredibly soft. 

This area goes over the clit and acts like the “tongue.” A small machine creates a moving bump that simulates the flicks and movement of the tongue on that particularly sensitive part of the female anatomy. There are several different modes and intensities that you can choose from to get yourself to that BIG O. 

I love going down on women. The feel of their body as it rises to the crescendo of orgasm and the tensing of their muscles as they inch closer and closer is amazing. I could do it all night and have. For those that don’t have that luxury, the Ora is perfect for them.

It’s ideal for women that don’t need a lot of clitoral pressure to achieve orgasm. If you need a car battery attached to a power sander to get off, the Ora isn’t going to do much for you. It really depends on your sensitivity level, which is different for all women.

It’s a good simulator, but it’s still nothing like the real thing. The movements are very calculated and always the same, so you’re not going to that randomness and passion that you might with another person. Still, if you love oral sex and don’t have a way to get it, then the Lelo Ora is a worthy investment.