Farrah Abraham Grip On Stroker

I wasn’t a big fan of Teen Mom, but my wife made me watch that show until I wanted to pull out my hair. When Farrah Abraham came out with her “sex tape” with porn star James Deen, I had to see it…over and over again.


Watching a reality star getting a facial and ass rammed gave me enough juice for more than few spank bank deposits. The entire time I was just saying to myself, “Please, just don’t let her talk.”

I knew after seeing the tape that she wasn’t done with porn and sure enough she came out with a line of sex toys for men. While I could have tried out the vibrating pussy and ass or the backdoor vibrating pussy and ass, I decided, as a man of meager means and plenty of lube, to try out the Grip on Stroker. It’s basically a smaller, hand held version that you jerk off with. I felt it lacked the vibration and the warming tubes of the fancier ass and pussy.

Anyone that has used a Cyberskin toy knows that it’s pretty lifelike and Farrah’s “pussy” grabs your cock like a vice grip, so you’re going to need plenty of lube to keep it going. It’s open-ended for those big cocks that go on forever and also so your cum doesn’t end up clogging up the works. It felt incredibly lifelike as most Cyberskin does and despite lubing up several times… finished the job.

If you’re a big fan of Farrah Abraham, then you’ll love her big rubber vagina, but it’s not that much different than other fitted and moulded pussies and asses on the market.