DJ Intruda

Welcome to our second edition of the Industry Insider 'Break & Enter'. We have a special feature for you today, it's no other than our very own official podcast mixing messiah, DJ Intruda!


Q. What inspired you to get into dj’ing / producing?

I think my inspiration to first start dj'ing definitely came from the first few raves that I went to. Music has always played a very big part in my life so I suppose being the guy at the front who gets to select the tunes and play them out loud instantly appealed to me. I also played the drums when I was younger so I’ve always liked hearing good solid beats and it obviously helped me with having a keen sense of timing and understanding of patterns. I think all of that added together inspired me as a whole, and so I got my first set of decks.


Q. How would you describe your style or chosen genres? 

I’d say my drum and bass style is pretty diverse, I try to play all different styles together to make a better whole round show. I don’t think anybody wants to hear the same churned out tunes one after the other, so I like to try and put a bit of flavour into it whether that be some hard hitting dark style or a smooth rolling vocal piece. I try to apply this to whatever genre of music I’m playing, I think not knowing what kind of track is coming up next is always a good thing.


Q. What event / live session would you say was the highlight of your career so far?

I think every gig is a highlight in its own little way; obviously there’s bigger bookings which are normally most peoples highlights but at the same time it could be the dingy little backstreet club that had the best atmosphere and crowd you’ve ever played to.


Q. If there is anyone you could work with, who would it be and why?

This would be a DJ / drummer combo and it would have to be Abe Cunningham, the drummer from Deftones. He’s got such a technical style. I would love to spin some tunes and have him breaking off from them with some beats. It would be so much fun to do live and its a good break away from the norm. If you’ve never seen a combo like this before then you need to search for it. 


Q. Name the 3 most important things when it comes to dj’ing and making music:

Firstly I would have to say having fun; if you get on the decks and you’re enjoying it and feeding off of the crowd then there’s no better feeling. Even just having a mix at home with new tunes needs to be fun and if it is then I think that will always come across in your live shows, podcasts, radio shows etc. It definitely helps you connect with your listeners. Secondly if you haven’t guessed it by now, it would have to be a good solid beat behind any tune. I personally think that no matter how good the melody or riff is its always the beat that takes the track through its steps. Just try listening to your favourite tune but without the beat and I bet it wont be the same. Lastly it has to be the listeners; without the people music would not be the same. Music is something amazing, that brings us all together from all paths of life and that’s pretty special.


Q. What’s your favourite artist and why?

I can’t believe you’re making me choose just one! This is a hard. I would probably have to say Liam Howlett from the Prodigy, just because he is a music mastermind. He was so far ahead of the times with the early releases and he has always managed to stay current and still maintain a true and original sound that is like no other. I love the way they incorporate a band into their live shows as well. It is definitely the best live event I have ever seen. If you haven’t been before you need to go!!


Q. What’s the funniest thing you have encountered in a live set?

The funniest / most surreal thing I have encountered myself whilst playing was when we somehow managed to get permission to set up a gazebo in my local town centre on a Saturday afternoon and get the tunes playing on a big sound system. I don’t think Hinckley knew what had hit them and I think having little kids raving away mixed with confused looks from other people made it a funny old day. The funniest thing I have ever seen whilst at a rave though was an MC falling off the stage, I’m not going to mention any names but I think everybody in there found it pretty funny.


Q.  How do you engage with your fan base?

I’ve got quite a few local fans that always show there support but I’m not quite at stardom level yet so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.


Q. What’s the toughest thing about being a DJ?

I’d have to say the toughest bit has to be playing on a poor quality sound system - when you just can’t hear what you’re doing properly it can sometimes be a bit tricky. When you arrive at a club and listen to the DJ who’s on before you and the speakers sound shocking then it does take a bit of the buzz away... luckily this doesn’t happen very often though.


Q. What are your plans for the future and can you give us any exclusive info?

Very soon I will be returning to my weekly drum and bass show on Monday nights @ 6pm on so you can all check me out on that. I’m also going to be doing the Red Roxy podcasts which will feature different genre mixes including dnb, electro & progressive house, dubstep, glitch-hop etc. I’ve also got a few more ideas on the drawing board so watch this space for more info. 

Catch you soon...


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