Why Discriminate Against Sex Workers?

Sex workers have a bad rap in the U.S. and many other places because there is still a huge stigma about sex, but imagine how it must be for those legal brothel sex workers in Nevada.


In the only State of the Union that allows for the controlled and regulated act of sex for money, these women are treated like lawbreakers and pariahs even though the counties and cities are more than happy to take their tax money. Sure, you’re kids school got that new addition thanks to the many trips to the Bunny Ranch, but they better not dare show their face around town.

When most people think sex worker, they conjure up one of two images: drugged up addict and Julia Roberts. The thing to remember is I’m not talking about escorts who provide a little extra on the side. I’m talking about taxed, registered legal brothel sex workers.

Why do women get into legalised brothels? Money. Lets face it, if you’re fine getting fucked for hours on end, then you can make a good living very quickly, but few actually work the entire year.

In some counties, they are required to actually live in the brothel while they work there. So, you work your 8-10 hours and then you stay there. Grab a cup ofcoffee, watch some “Castle” and then get ready to do it all over again. That isunless you’re called up by special request because they are always on-call.

You would think that after decades of legalised brothels, these towns would begin to lighten up a little bit. Instead, they impose strict dress codes and curfews on these women even when they aren’t working. So, the 22-year-old McDonalds fry girl can go out after work looking slutty to get some groceries, but the sex worker needs to have layers and look nearly matronly.

Imagine being told you have to be back at your home by dark or else you’ll go to jail. The authorities assume that if a sex worker is out past dark then they are turning tricks on the street. Once again, people fail to realize that this is a job and nothing more.

Do you leave for work and then immediately begin trying to work again on your own. Probably not, it’s just another example how society feels about people who work with sex on a regular basis. The government sure likes the money though.