Which Dystopia Has The Best Sex?

Brave New World and 1984 are both such integral parts of the cultural lexicon that you could probably pick a random person from any three at a bus stop or street corner on a good third of the world’s surface and strike up a conversation about them. Even in relation to sex.


It is easy to see how designer biotechnology and surveillance have become more part of our lives and at the same time those stories both had characters with a sex life in societies almost like ours.

Humans have been writing about the future and sex since they were invented so we all have a wide cultural background to draw upon when asking ourselves which sexual future we personally prefer?

Back to the Future is a Freudian nightmare that is best forgotten about in the context of this thought process unless you ever wanted to be a teenager in the same time and school as your parents. Without any sense of judgement, it wouldn’t be my preferred trip in a time machine.

I know how Star Trek makes people geeky, but it takes place on a world where technology solves all the basic needs of food and shelter with ‘Replicators’ (almost 3D printers?) and everyone has everything they could need, in that respect. Would our dating lives be very different in such a world? The drinks? The computer. The pizza? The computer. The flights? The computer. Don’t worry about any of it. Would it make any difference?

Almost nobody has any sex in ‘The Walking Dead’ and I can’t help but think that less people would have been shot or eaten by accident if specific people had worked out at least a regular masturbation routine by now.

Blade Runner and Burning Chrome are both similar ruminations on aspects of the potential detachment towards others that can arise through technology, but you probably know that.

Futurama is maybe the one closest to where we are. Unimaginable technology combined with many leaders following relatively old fashioned ideas of repressing sexuality and free expression.

In our world today, where a naked female nipple is banned on Facebook and the existence of pornography is in itself a force for evolution. Don’t forget that through pleasure, every time you have an orgasm you are making the future a little bit better.