What Have We Done To The Kama Sutra?

Kāma (desire / wish / longing) Sutra (manual / thread, derived from Siv - to sow) is a classic amongst books that explore human sexuality. Still, the title is very ambitious for something that was written almost 2000 years ago. Surely we have invented more than 64 positions by now. I didn’t see zero gravity mentioned once.


Next time you are stuck looking for modern words in your ancient Sanskrit book discussion club, or if you fall through a hole in time and wake up in 2nd century India, maybe these phonetic phrases in the style of the original book, can help say what you mean.

Sex in an airplane  - Mithuna antah yayin kheda (sex inside flying village)

A vibrator – ZIghra bhuja ananda kridanaka (fast hand pleasure toy)

A fleshlight – Ardra bhuja ananda kridanaka (wet hand pleasure toy)

The contraceptive pill – Bhojana vikalpa (food of choice)

Condoms –Samartha mesa antra (strong lamb intestine)

Viagra - Bhojana deva zepa (food of god penis)

Lybrido  – Bhojana devi yoni (food of goddess vagina)

Choosing porn – Namana samsara buddhi mithuna devalaya (visit world mind sex temple)

It may be language tourism but if you want to have a play with the language, feel free.

Having erotic woodcarvings to decorate a place of worship seems like an excellent idea, maybe something for the hip 21st century church to think about. So we are aware of at least 64 positions, have you tried them all