Walpurgisnacht And Bible Black

Some holidays repeat. We get solstice twice a year for our recalibration and the Christian calendar has the birth and the Zombie resurrection of Jesus. There are many examples of duality throughout culture. So why do we only have one Halloween/Day of the Dead?

If there is a candidate for a second celebration of all things dark then surely it is Walpurgisnacht.

In many places, Walpurgisnacht is one of the major holidays celebrated within LaVeyan Satanism and is the anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. It is exactly 6 months away from Halloween. If you seek cultural reference on the internet then you may come across a collection of animated erotic films entitled ‘Bible Black’.

If you seek to fill the space in your mind between Power Rangers and Marquis de Sade then go ahead, you will not be disappointed. It is just your everyday tale of what would happen if some students discovered a real black magic book. Blood sacrifice, orgiastic hedonism, better grades, that sort of thing. Although this is possibly harder to adapt to a live-action setting than Fantasia, there are reports of a new movie currently being made. There are delays in the production which usually means in such cases that the studio has been burned down by attempts to conjure a Hell-spawn to save on the CGI budget.

There are surely other reasons to have two Halloweens a year but just remember next year when you are putting on your anonymous masks for May Day, you can fully justify protesting against the 1% whilst dressed as a Demon. Some say we need a revolution; let us start with occupying Halloween.