The Art Of The Cam

When doing research on camming for my Aella article, i.e. jerking off to a lot of MyFreeCams, I realized that being a successful cam girl is truly an art and not simply taking off their clothes and cumming on cam.


There are those that do that, but they’re not usually that successful. The key is engaging those in the chat room. When I first when on myfreecams it was at 8 a.m. and there were over a thousand cams available for me to view.

Some rooms had hundreds of viewers and some had none and it became clear that the ones that were queens of the cam world talked and engaged their viewers. They made games and goals for tips. Some of them were gaming girls and offered up their Steam names for people to join her on games, but at a price.

It was quite an amazing experience watching these women tease, converse with and, at times, manipulate the room. The ultimate goal for these women is to make money through tips and they have to give these men incentives to pony up the cash.

For example, she’ll flash once she hits 50 tokens, pussy play at 150 tokens. They might give special benefits and prizes to those that give the most and everyone has a great time. Many of these women become acquainted with the regulars and they become “friends.”

It’s not all fun and games on these sites. The women are there for many reason. Maybe to make some extra cash and some can make a living at it, some want to show off their exhibitionist side but some are simply at the end of their ropes. I happened to stumble upon one girl who was about to be evicted from her home. She was actually crying and more or less begging people to give her tokens.

She was offering up her usual deals on going topless, etc., but it wasn’t sexy. It was sad. There were plenty of people consoling her, trying to help her with information, but the one thing she wanted and needed was few and far between.

If the time I spent perusing the many offering of myfreecams showed me one thing, then it’s that the people that go there and spend token are looking for more than just getting off. They want a little more. They want to be acknowledged. I guess any type of companionship beats being lonely even if it costs you a little.