Take My Money Please!

People who work in porn are not bad. They’re not evil. They’re not dishonest. Yet, when porn sites try to raise money for various charities, they have a hard time finding people to take their money.

Take the recent tale of, HumptheBundle.com, a pay porn site that raised more than $15,000 for charity and yet most of the time, they get letters back telling them, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I find it funny when I get emails, phone calls and letters from various charities from the American Red Cross to Unicef, asking me for money because they are more than happy to take it since they don’t know it comes from porn. If I said,“Here is my $50 donation, I made it through writing for porn companies, do you still want it?” odds are they wouldn’t.

The charities are afraid of upsetting the uptight and conservative donors with the idea that they might accept money from the adult industry. Hump the Bundle recently received a rejection letter from the Salvation Army for the Toys for Tots campaign.

It basically said that once people got wind that they accepted money from an adult company, the charity would receive far less toys and support because of people judging the charity and not giving.

Ah, that’s a wonderful sentiment isn’t it? People are so petty that they would deprive children toys at Christmas just because an adult company donated money. Talk about the reason for the season, right.

Do you think that if an adult star walked up to a homeless person on the street and gave him a sandwich and said, “This sandwich was paid for using funds from the adult industry, do you still want it?” he would turn it down? Probably not, but the charities that provide much needed support to these people aren’t giving them a choice.

Once again, it becomes donors versus the people that receive the service, and the donors win every time. The really interesting thing is that this fear is irrational because they’ve never taken adult industry money, so they don’t know if that drop off would really happen. They just don’t want to take the risk and thousands of dollars don’t go to the people who need it.