It sounds like a bad joke. How do you piss off the entire nation of Egypt? Suck a dude off by a pyramid. Ironically, that’s exactly what one porn actress did much to the chagrin of Egyptian officials. The pyramids at Giza is literally a Wonder of the World and the Egyptian government has gone to great length to keep it both intact both structurally and in reputation.


The piece was filmed and then placed online. The porn starlette, “Sasha” is scene flashing her tits and even giving the camera man a BJ in areas off limits to regular tourists. People believe “Sasha” is actually a Russian porn star named Aurita that has done many traveling fuck pieces. It’s kind of like taking a virtual tour with your travel agent if she had big tits and offered a money shot.

I’m sure it didn’t help that the two spent a good portion of the video insulting the pyramids and saying it “fucking sucked.” I can’t help but think that old Khufu and Cheops are turning over in the sarcophagi not because of some slight, but because they weren’t able to get in on the action. Egyptian pharaohs weren’t particularly known for their chaste behavior.

The fact that they were doing some lewd acts in restricted areas means their innocent little fuck film could get them in big trouble. The Egyptian government is looking into possible criminal charges, but good luck getting an extradition order from Russia.

Anyone that has watched one of the hundreds of mummy movies created through the years knows that the biggest threat isn’t the government, but the mummy’s curse. “Sasha” might find herself looking over an undead bandaged behemoth with a raging hard-on. Now, that’s a video that I would love to see. Yeah, I’m not proud of that either.