The act has many names: flogging the dolphin, choking the chicken, flicking the bean (that’s one for you, ladies), and it’s one of the world’s most favourite past times. Masturbation is a lot more fun than baseball and relieves way more stress than crocheting a sweater.


It’s said that more than 90 percent of men and more than 80 percent of women have masturbated at some time in their life.

Sadly, many people still consider the act taboo and either feel guilty after their date with Rosie Palms or try to abstain altogether. The reality is that having sex with yourself is not only perfectly normal, but actually has several health benefits. So, grease up that palm, light some candles and find out why self-love is some of the best love around.

Clearing the Air

Sex and sexuality are never easy topics to discuss with family, so when they arise, many people used the scaring route rather than education. There’s nothing that says ‘dysfunctional’ like telling children that masturbation will make them go blind or cause hair to grow on their palms.

If these were true, ¾ of the world’s population would need service dogs, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone with hands that didn’t look like Chia Pets. The reality is that the acts of masturbation and ejaculation do not have negative health effects other than the occasional callous and wet spot. With that being said, what does masturbation do for your body?

Benefits of Cleaning the Pipes

No one likes getting sick. Those annoying summer colds and bouts with flu are enough to ruin any holiday season. When you masturbate, the body releases a small amount of the hormone cortisol. Yes, this is also known as the stress hormone, but in small amounts it actually helps boost your immune system.

We live in a stressful world, and it has many impacts on our health, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and more. Masturbation can help lower your blood pressure and creates endorphins to help you relax; a quick little bout of self-pleasure before bed and you’re on a non-stop flight to Sleepytown.

Many women suffer from recurring urinary tract infections caused by the buildup of bacteria in the cervix. Masturbation creates lubrication and flushes out the bacteria before they can develop into an infection. Anyone who has had to suffer through the nightmare of a UTI knows the pain and suffering that comes with it. Add a little masturbation to your daily dose of cranberry juice and you’re on the road to recovery. And, ladies, as an added bonus, petting the kitty also helps with cramps during your period.

Men, perhaps, have the best reason to masturbate regularly – 1/3 less risk of prostate cancer. Fellas who masturbate five times a week receive this little extra benefit. Masturbation has also been shown to make men last longer and help exercise your pelvic floor muscles to keep Mr. Happy in its full upright position.