Let's Get It On In Public

People have been getting down and dirty in public areas for centuries. Whether it is behind the college bike sheds, in the cinema, a public toilet or your partner’s car, most people can recall a time where sex has occurred outside of the bedroom. 

Even though we are comfortably into the 21st Century, there is still a lot of controversy and taboo surrounding sex and intimacy. If a guy receives head in his car, his friends are quick to praise him, however if a girl tells her friends that she gave a guy a quick blowie whilst in his car, they are quick to judge her and frown upon this. Why are these perceptions so drastically different between the two sexes? Even when reversed and it is the girl that receives pleasure in the car, the reactions are likely to be the same. I guess part of this is down to an out-dated view of how men and women should behave. However, these public perceptions from a Victorian mind set are gradually changing. Though law enforcers and politicians are trying to put an end to it, both sexes appear to becoming more sexually liberal. Gender equality for the win!

I would say, however, it is generally accepted that sex should not occur in certain places i.e. a children’s playground, shopping centre, train carriage etc. and rightly so. No one wants to experience a sweaty, hairy ass shoved in their face while they trying to examine the properties of a banana for their homemade smoothie! 

 There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account if you’re going to have a sexcursion. These are the top factors that come to mind:

1.      The Place – the location for engaging in sex is highly important. It needs to be somewhere either secluded or with excellent coverage. If you’re bonking behind a small brick wall, the bobbing heads above it are going to be a dead giveaway.

2.    The Temperature – the time of year will largely dictate whether or not it can be done in an open or enclosed space. Beaches are only suitable during the summer and early autumn or if it is in England, only 2 days a year.

3.    The Distance – is it somewhere you can feasibly get to and from? Do you need a car? Are you going late at night and so there is no public transport? Being able to get back is even more important than getting there.

4.    The Comfort level – the functionality of your chosen spot is highly indicative as to whether or not this experience is going to actually be feasible. If you find yourself in the woods shagging against a poison oak you may get some nasty rashes that will impede on your performance and cut the session short.

5.    The Clothing – are you dressed in such way that makes sex in a public place possible? If you have to remove several layers before you can get your shapewear or leotard off I’d say the answer to that question is no.

6.    The Interest – how much do you like this person? Is the attraction level high? Are you in love? Or are you just horny?  If the level of attraction isn’t high enough, it is incredible how quickly the rate of interest can drop, ultimately leaving one half of the party disappointed.

7.    The Toxication levels – have either or both of you been drinking? Did you drink a lot? Have you used other substances? Would you have made the same decision otherwise? People are known to become more suggestible and less inhibited when they have consumed a moderate amount of alcohol or have taken certain substances. It is highly important to give yourself the time to think whether or not this would occur if both of you were stone, cold sober. If the answer is no then I would say it’s best to avoid this encounter all together otherwise it can result in a very awkward outcome.

Having sex in a somewhat public space can be fun and exciting; some people thrive on the thrill of potentially being caught or doing something considered ‘naughty’ or ‘dirty’.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to engage in sex outside of the usual confines of the abode or a hotel room, as long as it is consensual and discreet.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had sex in an outdoor shower, a Land Rover or a forest? If cannot recall, then now maybe a good time to change it. Of course, this may not be for everyone. Some people prefer the comfort of their own home and the security it provides. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just think that maybe people would benefit from being open to some new experiences that may in fact make their relationships stronger, bring back that much needed spark back or a develop new found sense of adventure.

So, what are you waiting for?