How Do You Walk Down The Street?

If so inclined, by now you probably came across the think-piece video of what it is like for a woman to walk down an average city street. Any statement can be criticised, this piece has been no exception and yet after the debate and the inevitable parody remakes it does surely have a point to make about human interaction.


Wherever you grew up, at some stage you have most probably witnessed a human male behaving like an elephant in musk season. You know it can result in singing/dancing/genocide depending on context and it can be as interesting as it is scary to think about how much of history was written in such a state. If you hang out in places people frequent then awkward flirting is something you will see and maybe before you learned to be the perfect person you are today it was even something you did yourself.

I know many of you are married or in a relationship, but if you have ever found yourself on a dating site then you must have received a “Hi” or a “Hello” from some sketchy looking profile and most likely, ignored it. Still, isn’t it a complex question? Just being out and about is mainly how I have met people so far, so it can be useful to memorise every phrase you encountered from such profiles and commit to never saying any of those things to another person, be it online or in real life. Still, if everyone stopped flirting tomorrow then our species would be even more precariously balanced, and I may as well stop writing now.

I am left with a question about evolution. If there are not a certain number of people responding to those lines then why are people still using them?

I once was in a country where men do not generally have long hair, whilst I had long hair. On more than one occasion, other men walked up behind me, touched me and said ‘Hey sister’.

The look on their faces when I turned around was priceless.