Home Droning (Is It For You?)

It is official; drone porn is now a thing. In the same way a whip can crack an egg, a Taser can cook an egg and handcuffs can stir beans, drones do so much more than what was originally on the box.

With ‘Drone Boning’ a whole new unexplored world of film opened up, isn’t it exciting to think where it will go. Porn filmed up a tree? Yes we can, in the future there will be awards for the year’s best drone filmed sex on a jetpack. With a robot. 

Surely it can be considered as a very clever, artistic entry into this new world of cinematography. Yes you can see distant bodies moving and you can believably take their word for it but it’s nothing that gets close to needing censorship. It’s similar to coffee table book in that it is more thought provoking than explicit.

I find it an amusing moment in our evolution that something developed by the military is so open to be used for pornographic art. How long will it be before people in the future are hacking police drones to film themselves make porn as protest (probably with masks on) only you dear reader can know this.

For the moment we can look forward to new forms of film never before explored and in theory it is only a matter of time before the first sex scene filmed over the sea on a robotic water jetpack. Two jetpacks is maybe something to aim for but sounds dangerously expert. Orgiastic jetpack-ism is something for Olympic athletes. If you want a drone for your bedroom, it’s possible. If you want a robot and a jetpack, people might start to think you are a bit kinky. 

With any new development it creates new questions. Will there be people in the future who can only get turned on watching porn of people having sex on animatronic water drones; will that make an aquadronepseudopodishist? We are going to need more words.