Herself.com: Feminism At It's Most Raw

There are many different types of people in this world, male, female, transgendered and more. Everyone has different beliefs and values, but at the very core, we’re not all that different.


Australian actress Caitlyn Stasey has created a feminist website that delves deep into the beliefs and values of all types of women while showing them at their most seemingly vulnerable…completely naked. Yet, the site isn’t about vulnerability, but power.

Mixed among nude and full frontal shots of these various women of all types is an in depth interview about everything from their views on female hygiene products to monogamy and marriage. Stasey herself, an outspoken feminist, has her own photos on the site practicing what she preaches.

It’s an interesting interview where she says many odd things such as she identifies herself as a lesbian, while she’s with the love of her life…a man. Another woman talks about the connection between sex and porn and another tells us about growing up with one breast larger than the other and her abundant self-confidence.

While I am sure a number of people are simply going to the site to look at boobs and vaginas, it’s not the point of the site. Stasey is trying to underscore the fact that nudity is only sexual if you want it to be. Nudity can be about power, truth and expression without a connection to sex.

I’m sure many Renaissance-era Europeans jerked off to nude paintings despite it not being the intent of the artist. Many people will have a hard time getting past the nudity to see the deeper meaning, but these are not the people Stasey is trying to reach.

The women are a diverse group from various ethnicities, body shapes and backgrounds and each one unabashedly shares some of their innermost thoughts and beliefs while showing off the beauty of their form.

I first saw Stasey in a B-movie horror film called All Cheerleaders Die.  It was a good movie, but it was your standard mainstay of horror culture. There was a lot of blood, gore and more than a few scenes of girl-on-girl action.

Everything about that movie was about the sexualization of women, and Stasey was front and center. With the website, Stasey hopes to help dispel the myth that female nudity has to be sexual and to be for the pleasure of someone else.  I encourage you to take a look at herself.com and read the intimate interviews with these women and make your own decisions about the site and its purpose.