Google Porn Searches Are Going Down The Tubes

When you want to find out how to remove a wart from your ass, you Google it. When you want to learn how to cook a turkey on top of a 1967 Chevy engine, you Google it. When you want to know the weirdest most obscure shit on the planet, you fucking Google it. Yet, if you want to find legitimate porn sites, good luck Googling it.

People in the industry are used to being treated as second class citizens. We’re their dirty little secret. The CEO of a major company will jerk off to BDSM porn in his bedroom and then decry it as evil the next day to Congress. Most are fine with it as long as you keep paying for your cam girls and movies, but when it starts hitting our bottom line, we take notice.

Despite being a legitimate and legal business, adult film has long been vilified by Google and yet type in porn and you’re hit with page after page of tube sites. Tube sites are basically YouTube for porn. User upload videos and people can watch them. They offer a way for copyrighted material to be removed, but studios can’t constantly watch the hundreds of sites that are out there.

Porn stars and studios in the U.K. are tired of being on page 10 of the Google search listing while tube sites are more prevalent than grains of sand on a beach. They’re demanding that same treatment as record and movie studios when it comes to protecting their copyrighted work and search engine listings.

Piracy hurts everyone from the camera man to the porn star. It’s taking money out of their pocket and while Google and other organizations are bending over backwards to help the music and mainstream film industry, porn is stuck in limbo.

I can guarantee you with the sheer number of dateless wonders at Google that they are watching a ton of porn. They’re Silicon Valley rich and when they’re not hiring high class escorts, they’re spending their hard earned money on fake pussies and tons of movies. Yet, when the industry needs they’re help, they sit back behind a wall of hypocritical morality and shake their heads.

The adult industry wants to work with Google. This doesn’t have to be an ‘us versus them’ situation. The people that work in the adult industry as just as intelligent as those in the corner offices of Google and the legislature, so why can’t we work together.