Good Thoughts For Asia Carrera

I recently did a post on the retired porn star Asia Carrera and her Pastafarian DMV photo. It was something that was funny and cute and totally something the amazing Carrera would do. Since then, I discovered that Carrera nearly died due to a severe diabetic reaction.


While I’m still trying to piece things together, what I understand is after doing a juice cleanse to lose weight, she had a severe diabetic reaction and nearly went into a diabetic coma. A quick ER visit turned into a multiday stay at the ICU and the world nearly lost not only an amazing and intelligent actress, but also one of the most caring and attentive single moms out there.

A recent Facebook post said that she was out of the hospital and on the long road to recovery. She has many doctor’s visits ahead of her, but the worst seems to be over. Carrera is one of the few people that has embraced their adult industry experience after retirement. She isn’t ashamed of it or tries to act like she was a victim.

People outside the industry may not believe it, but those in the adult industry, especially those that have spent much of their life in it, are a very tight knit group. While there are always exceptions to the rule, they generally take care of their own. The reality is that since the rest of the world treats us like pariahs, all we have is each other.

While Carrera has taken some time away from her Facebook account to focus on her health, I think it would be nice for those that have Facebook accounts to drop her a line and let her know that everyone is thinking about her. I know she is a devote atheist, so prayers may not be the most appropriate response, but I know God cares just as much about former porn stars as anyone else, so I’ll be sending a few her way.