Dawna Of The Dead

In 2008, an adult film was released that melded the hot sex of adult film with the horror of the un-dead. Dawna of the Dead is about a woman who inadvertently opens one of the nine gates to hell and then gets fucked by zombies. You know, the usual cause and effect.


The main difference between this movie and other B movies is money shots and characters aptly named “Ass to Mouth Zombie.” (It’s actually on their IMDB page)

No Halloween horror fest would be complete without including this movie. It’s got everything you could ever want, as well as zombies with boners. Sure, there’s a rather significant suspension on disbelief, but it’s worth the un-dead facials.

I will admit that despite being skeletal un-dead demons from hell, they are surprisingly…rigid. Of course, it’s just not the woodsmen getting the un-dead treatment. The ladies are cock gobbling as well, literally. Men might be a little squeamish when they zombie ladies start eating dick and not in a good way.

If George Romero was an adult film director, this could have been part of his unholy trilogy: Nightie of the Living Dead, Dawna of the Dead and Ejaculation of the Dead. I’ll admit that I was emotionally conflicted while watching. Part of me was disgusted and part of me still only needed to watch it in 10 minute increments as I “watched” bloody blow jobs and un-dead female ejaculation. If Romero would have watched this first Land of the Dead might have actually been a success.

If you want to see the trailer to this fine film, head over to http://www.dawnaofthedead.net/TRAILER.htm.