Can This Experiment Change Your Life?

The difficulty is not finding subjects connected with sex, the difficulty is finding one that isn’t. From the form of our vegetables (a million of years of careful human gardening and what amazing shapes did we come up with? At least ten variations on the prehistoric dick joke at a supermarket near you) to the myriad extra uses people have found for a washing machine on spin cycle.

Any small study will demonstrate that it is almost all we seem to think about. A large study would probably show us more. Probably way more ‘selfies’ than science currently has theories for.

It is a good thing that somehow Mother Nature or Darwin or somebody decided to make a special place in our brains to control our heartbeat and breathing without us having to consciously think about it. If we had to give up valuable head space to that instead of thinking about the worlds number one past-time, there would be asphyxiating heart attack victims just randomly peppered throughout your day. In that case, would you travel by car, bus or plane?

Even not thinking about sex is indirectly thinking about sex. Note that this only applies in peaceful times when there are no dramatic events going on. Naturally, if your house is actually on fire at this moment then fair enough… you really should stop reading now! So… for the experiment! Try this: go and lie down on your bed, close your eyes and try not thinking about various things one at a time, including sex, then come back.

Did you have to make an effort to not think about sex? If not thinking about sex was the only thing keeping us alive; who do you think the last person standing would be? Someone religious? Did you really just get up from work to go home and lie on your bed? If so, it’s ok… you probably have time to think about that whilst you are looking for a new job. Are you still thinking about sex?