Can Simulated Sex Change The World?

Like Ghandi making salt or students putting flowers into the guns of soldiers, peaceful protest has often been employed, as mostly the people in charge don’t know how to deal with it.


This Friday, outside Westminster will be another entry into the books of civil disobedience as hundreds of people will participate in what could be the world’s largest ever face-sitting, in protest of the recent UK porn laws. There will also be a simulated sex session between as many people as possible so hopefully the famous UK weather will be kind.

Naturally it is an open event so if you fancy turning up then do so, although maybe a good idea to take someone you know along, as however strongly you feel about this issue it will probably be easier if you don’t have to sit/be sat on by strangers. There will also be a ‘sex factor’ game show staged during the protest and doubtless the whole thing will be wrapped in an amount of good humour. It will be amusing to see MPs arriving and trying to wade through a sea of writhing bodies. Considering the number of sex scandals coming out of politics these days, it will be a brave member of parliament who would dare to call in the police on this protest. In fact I half expect to see Boris Johnson’s crazy hair poking out from between Theresa Mays legs somewhere in the crowd.

Not so much of a ‘sit-in’, more of a ‘sit-on’.