Can Dice Change Your Life?

It’s no game. You will find yourself at moments of indecision. Next time you find yourself in such a moment, you could do worse than take time out to read “The Dice Man”, if you haven’t already.  


It has been banned in several countries specifically for its sexual content and that kind of thing always makes me want to read a book.

Wherever you find yourself on the ever expanding spectrum of sexuality today, the fact that there are things you haven’t done yet will not have escaped your attention. If you are reading this as someone as who has done everything then maybe everyone says hi.

That was just a David Bowie reference and in no way implies that I know everyone, or that I have any idea what they think. I’m just a modern guy. Of course I’ve had it in the ear before.

You know people. Some are ‘I would do anything… but I won’t…” people and some are “You only live once…” people and probably many more than are statistically recognized are somewhere between the two at some stage. Nobody really knows. (Disclaimer: “you only live once” is not mentioned in any way connected to the song, the phrase existed long before that and the idea must date back a very long time).

Overall the planet is still mostly a work in progress, yet the most advanced cultures are home to the most egalitarian age for sexuality ever. This can create a quandary for the curious as even if you didn’t do something yourself, you could be forgiven for it at least passing through your mind in this sex saturated century. Who knows what different people you could be with a simple roll of the dice?

The basic idea of the book is what life could be like if you rolled a dice to decide what you do next.  Maybe it can be useful next time you are in two minds about something. I should mention that the story is written for maximum dramatic effect so some of the events contained within are illegal, immoral, extreme and/or totally unjustifiable, yet that is the point of the book. A world without rules is a world without limitations and it is fascinating to explore such a world from the relative safety of the page. Yet this book does more than simply make you think; it gives an original form of philosophy that you can actually practise yourself and could even change your life radically. Naturally the idea relies upon editing what options you give the dice, so you have already decided how far you could go before you roll. I do not endorse many of the events in the book, yet it will make you think if you choose to read it.

Next time you have an idea that could be fun, consider rolling a dice before you decide to repress it. There is actually nothing stopping you.