Blurring The Line: Hollywood And The San Fernando Valley

The other day, I was flipping through the channels and came across a movie with Jennifer Connelly. I’ve had a bit of crush on her since the “Labyrinth” days and thought I’d watch this movie called “Requiem for a Dream.” Before I knew it, she was going ass-to-ass with a double dildo and another girl. Wow!


In the past, there was a clear delineation between the porn capital of the US, the San Fernando Valley, and the film capital, Hollywood, but those lines are beginning to blur. Does that mean I expect to see an Iron Man, Captain American threesome with Black Widow in the next Avengers movie? No, but the world of Hollywood seems to abandoning many of the unwritten rules of sex in film.

There has always been sex in film, but the hardcore scenes were relegated to the softcore movies on Skinemax or the Avant Garde films that portrayed sex as art. The main difference in the past between porn and mainstream media was reality. Everyone knew that these actors weren’t actually having sex, but when the scenes become so intense and graphic what does that matter?

If I watched a porn with the same scene as in “Requiem for a Dream,” the only difference as a viewer would be the actual showing of the vagina. If you took out the vagina shot, then there’s nothing that would make me think these scenes were any different.

We’ve been seeing tits and asses for decades in mainstream films, and more recently dicks, bush and even vagina slits are popping up. Eva Green showed us her goods in “The Dreamers” and Rosario Dawson gave us a peek show in “Trance.” We even got to see Scarlett Johansson’s bush in “Under the Skin.”

Mainstream celebrities are hawking sex tapes like their candy, so we have Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton sucking cock and Farrah Abraham getting butt-fucked by James Deen. (Excellent work, Mr. Deen.) Chloe Sevigny sucked Vincent Gallo’s cock in “The Brown Bunny” and the list goes on and on. The world was in an uproar when they showed a simulated cum shot in “Girls.”

Real or fake, explicit or not, the reality is that Hollywood is becoming more and more like porn every year. Is this a good thing for porn? I don’t know. One of the biggest draws for porn is the taboo of it and the explicitness, and Hollywood is taking that away. At the same time, would it give the talent of the porn industry a chance at mainstream success?