Prop60: Proof That California Is Stupid

Prop60 from the perspective of a porn consumer

There are plenty of articles about Prop 60 from the industry standpoint. Articles talking about the freedom of speech issues, the personal safety issues, and the cost involved in implementing such a plan. This is not going to be one of those.


I’m not informed enough to give you a well thought out opinion. And honestly it’s California, the place that banned the Happy Meal, so who really takes anything they do seriously anymore anyway? However, if you’ve read any of my other stuff (which I highly recommend, cause I’m awesome), you can probably guess I have other concerns when it comes to Prop 60. Namely, pointing out the glaring flaw that nobody else seems to see and making fun of Californian lawmakers for thinking it’s going to work.

If you don’t know what Prop 60 is, I’ll give you a very brief rundown: It would make it law in “Great” State of California that condoms must be used in sex scenes, require licensing and testing, force producers to pay for the testing and treatment of STI’s, and allow anyone to sue everyone who can financially gain from a movie where condoms aren’t shown.

Now, as I said, there are a plethora of articles currently out from the industry’s and the state’s viewpoints. Personally, I think that’s groovy. Those arguments need to be heard and debated. I also happen to think that the underlying intent of the law is a good one: To protect sex workers and make the porn industry safer and less parasitic is a noble and just cause. I personally believe the bit about testing and treatment is a very good idea and will hopefully encourage even more hot young things to flock the the new and improved porn industry. However, California being California and all, wants to slide a moral message in the backdoor: Porn stars wearing condoms will promote safe sex to kids.


Here’s the problem with the idea of adding morality to porn...

You know what comes to mind when I think about porn? Hot naked chicks doing gloriously naughty things, really bad dialog, and a burning curiosity regarding the location of these campuses chock full of young women willing to screw any guy who catches them skipping class. Know what doesn’t come to mind when I think about porn? Whether or not I became a more socially responsible human being during my happy fun time.

Cause I didn’t. 

What I learned is that I like watching firm young boobies swing back and forth, while the barely legal girl screams in pain as she takes it up her perfectly formed, newly bleached bunghole for the “first time”. Well, that’s what I learned once a few years ago. Now it’s more a reinforcement of that particular lesson at least 3 times a week. It’s a good lesson to learn. I highly recommend it.

I’m going to make a statement now. One I can’t believe I actually have to make. One that seems so blindingly obvious that merely stating proves what I have long believed to be true… That California is stupid.


Porn isn’t for kids

It is written, produced, directed, and executed with an adult audience in mind. The target consumer isn’t teenagers learning how to have sex, it’s adults who don’t have somebody else’s hand handy.. And adults aren’t interested in After School Special like lessons mixed in with our recreational autoerotic naked time. Whether or not there is a condom in the scene is only going to remind us that we are running low and to put them on the shopping list. I use condoms. I use them because I like my penis and don’t want it to fall off. I use them because I have already spawned a child and really, really, really don’t want more. I use condoms because I’m not an idiot. I don’t use condoms because I saw some dude who was doing shit I’ll never do use one in a movie. 

Want kids to use condoms? Teach kids to use condoms. Stop with the abstinence only sex education. Stop making it difficult for underaged people to get real information regarding sex, safety, and not spreading nasty bugs that make your penis fall off. I mean, come on... It’s a pretty safe bet you had sex when you were underage. Assume your kid will too. Want kids to stop learning about sex from porn? Make it more difficult for the underaged to gain access to porn. Monitor your kids online activities, check their phones/computers/tablets. Cause it’s pretty damned sad when, we as a society, think it's a good idea to let the porn industry handle our sex education for us; because it’s easier than actually talking to our kids.

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