People Talk About Having Sex On Booze and Weed

Last last month, a study that examined how weed and booze affects sex was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. 


Researchers drew on a sample of 24 adults (half male, half female) and conducted in-depth interviews about their experiences of fucking under the influence of each substance.

Dr Joseph Palamar – Assistant Professor of Population Health and drug researcher at New York University (NYU) – was the lead researcher behind the study, but wasn't sure if it was publishable at first. "A sample of 24 is pretty small," he said during an early morning Skype conversation. "It was actually only a pilot. A group at NYU funded us to use this as a pilot study so we could use the preliminary findings to apply for a larger grant."

When it came to alcohol and sex, the findings were pretty predictable: booze makes you more socially outgoing – meaning it facilitates the act of finding someone to take your clothes off with – and it's way more likely to lead to risky behaviour and post-sex regret.

But with weed, some of the findings were surprising. "Some participants reported that the illegality of marijuana contributed to the facilitation of sexual actions," said Dr Palamar. "With alcohol you can use it pretty much anywhere if you are of age. But you can't smoke marijuana out in public; it has to be a private area, or an 'intimate' area where you're not going to get arrested. So if you have someone you're attracted to in your dorm room, or whatever, you're already in an intimate setting, alone, and doing something forbidden together. Participants commented on how that can lead to sex."

This study took place in America, which is almost the same as the UK, but also completely different in every possible way. So I wanted to speak to some Brits about their experiences, to see if a jump across the Atlantic impacts people's perspectives about sex on booze and weed.

Martha, a 29-year-old horse-riding instructor, said there's "a massive difference" between having sex on the two substances. "With alcohol, there's a loss of sensitivity," she explained. "It can be a bit numb, depending on how much you've had. Because of that I find that the orgasm just feels deeper on marijuana."

Philipa, a 26-year-old administrator, feels the same: "You're definitely a bit more stimulated – a bit more sensitive to the touch – on weed. Sex feels much better than when you've been drinking. I think that's because you're more likely to get high with someone you know well and have a deeper connection with, which, for me, equals better sex. Drunken one-night stands often involve really shit sex."

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