Is Texas Becoming Censorship Central?

Well, that didn't take long! It seems only yesterday (but was in fact two days ago) that TeXXXas Fan Expo creator John Gray announced the convention's new location after the local Hilton hotel backed out of its deal with Gray last week: the Holiday Inn Southwest, located a couple of miles outside of the city center on Route 59. 

And now that venue has ditched him as well—thanks to the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), formerly known as Morality in Media, which took credit for the ditchings.

According to, Gray last week told the website that "he had never had a venue cancel in his more than two decades of hosting adult entertainment conventions"—and now he's had two in as many weeks! AVN reached out to Gray for additional comment, which can be found here.

But somehow, two Texas hotels backing out of an adult-oriented convention seems almost to be expected. After all, it was just last February that Three Expo Events, LLC, the parent company of the Exxxotica Lifestyle Expos, was forced to sue the city of Dallas after its city council voted to bar them from holding this year's gathering at the city-owned Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre, with U.S. District Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater denying Three Expo's Motion for Preliminary Injunction against the city, which would have allowed the expo to go forward.

(Since then, the city of Dallas has filed its Answer to the plaintiff's Amended Complaint; a Motion for Trial By Jury filed by Three Expo was approved by the judge on June 24—and the city has filed for, and received, a Protective Order prohibiting any of the parties from disclosing "confidential and highly confidential information" such as convention centre rental rates and the identities of the undercover vice officers who found no problems during walk-throughs at the 2015 Exxxotica held at the same convention centre.)


Meanwhile, MiM NCOSE is moving forward with its plans for its pro-censorship expo, announcing that some featured speakers will be well-known anti-porn "researcher" Dr. Mary Anne Layden, anti-porn neurosurgeon Dr. Donald Hilton, anti-porn evangelist Josh McDowell, Utah Coalition Against Pornography Exec. Dir. Vauna Davis, former Morality in Media and current NCOSE president (and former DOJ obscenity prosecutor) Patrick A. Trueman and a bunch of NCOSE employees including Dawn "Terrifying Porn Flight" Hawkins and the group's new bright light (read: dim bulb) Haley Halverson—and anti-porn attorney Scott D. Bergthold, author of many anti-adult ordinances and at one time a consultant for the defendant in the Three Expo lawsuit.

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