LELO Riles Sex Educators By Naming Sheen As Spokesman

LELO officials knew from the start that naming actor/professional bad boy Charlie Sheen as spokesman for the Hex Condom would be controversial.

Photo credit: LELO

Photo credit: LELO

“We know Charlie may be a divisive choice for many, but it's also a bold one, and in the fight against STIs we need to make an impact,” they wrote on the Indiegogo campaign page for the newly designed condom. “Charlie has the voice and character needed to drive global awareness on the issue, while LELO has the design and technology expertise to make change happen.”

Sheen was announced as the spokesman for the Hex in June, at global launch parties in New York City and London. 

“After I announced my HIV status last November, I was surprised when I saw searches for information about condoms increased,” Sheen told AVN at the New York launch party. “LELO contacted me about being a sort of spokesman about this new condom, and I was hesitant at first. But then I did some research and saw the technical appeal and the aesthetic appeal and saw it had the ability to really be a game-changer. It seemed like the Hex condom is the next step in revolutionizing condoms and getting them used more.”

But not everyone was pleased with the choice of Sheen, with many detractors citing his past treatment of women as a major concern.

Sex educator and writer Caitlin Murphy is quoted in a piece from The Daily Beast about why she will no longer support the manufacturer that has long billed itself as a luxury brand.

“It’s a shame that a company which was founded on women’s pleasure, luxury, and quality has resorted to gimmicks and attention-grabbing controversy rather than quality,” Murphy said in the article. “And the condom itself doesn’t seem all that ‘revolutionary.’”

Others have echoed Murphy’s sentiments and expressed them on social media, including Twitter, with the hashtag #BoycottLELO.

Read the full AVN article: http://goo.gl/AVHnYH