New Video Player Software Enables VR Streaming

Nearly a decade after it pioneered content-leasing for the online adult entertainment industry, Webmaster Central has set its sights on jump-starting the industry’s return to a position of tech-innovation leadership.

Photo credit: Webmaster Central 

Photo credit: Webmaster Central 

On June 21, the company made its new VR3000 Player available for licensing independent of any content lease. The player comprises the proprietary software responsible for streaming virtual-reality content from Webmaster Central’s recently launched VR3000 Studios. Now webmasters who want to stream their own virtual reality video have the means to do so without reinventing the wheel.

“The industry has been stalled on live cams and dating for years, but now that we’re making the VR3000 Player available to all companies, there’s brand new revenue opportunities and it’s really exciting,” said Webmaster Central Chief Executive Officer AndyA. “This is the only licensable VR player available to webmasters who want to stream VR videos — and it works flawlessly with the iPhone, by the way.”

All clients of VR3000 Studios will be granted a free license to use the VR3000 Player, which means those companies now can stream their own original VR content in addition to offering their members VR3000 Studios videos.

According to AndyA, the advantages of streaming over download are even more apparent, especially for mobile device users. The average VR video clip size is quite large, so — depending on the speed of the user’s connection — downloading may require a significant time investment, thereby causing frustration. For users whose devices have only limited storage or metered data plans, downloading a VR clip may well be impossible. Streaming VR videos addresses those potentially deal-breaking challenges.

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