Virtual Touch: A Short History of VR-Ready Interactive Toys

For as long as people have dreamed of flying cars, so have they dreamed of sex robots. But unlike modes of transportation a la The Jetsons, pleasure products manufacturers have embraced available technology to bring us closer to Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron.

Photo credits: Topco Sales; PornHub

Photo credits: Topco Sales; PornHub

These days, manufacturers are looking for ways to pair their wares with virtual reality technology. One of the first leaps into sex in a virtual word came with Second Life. The online virtual world launched in 2003 and soon after Residents learned they could build stores and use currency to interact, they took it a step further by interacting physically. From there, the idea of virtual sex took another big leap with the introduction of the RealTouch from AEBN.

The RealTouch was a male masturbation device that utilized haptic technology to allow the device to sync up with specially coded adult videos and simulate the experience a man viewed on the screen. While in use, the RealTouch would mimic the feel, heat and moisture levels show in the movie.

Since then, as VR porn is starting to find its footing, fans of virtual reality and sex toys have tried to create the Next Big Thing to take the world by storm.

Topco Sales last summer announced its partnership with PornHub to create the TwerkingButt, which provides an interactive cyber experience with multiple twerking patterns, customizable rhythms, massage speeds, sensual vibrations, Bluetooth technology and simulated body heat, all within Topco’s patented Cyberskin material.

“It took us over two years to bring TwerkingButt from concept to reality. Our development team worked tirelessly to combine the latest wireless, app and optical technologies as well as our patented Cyberskin, which simulates the sensual feel of true skin-to-skin contact,” said Michael Siegel, then COO of Topco Sales, when the product debuted in July 2015. “With the included virtual reality goggles and downloadable 3D content, it becomes a truly immersive experience.”

To date, most of the products and ideas about combining sex toys with haptic and/or virtual reality technology have centered around masturbation devices for men. In addition to the RealTouch and TwerkingButt, Fleshlight debuted the VStroker. The individually personalized fully interactive sex toy for men, the VStroker is an attachment pairs with a Fleshlight product and studies users’ penetration and motion and transmits the information to a designated computer via wireless USB connection. While viewing live-action cinema on a Mac or PC, users are in total control of every thrust and can virtually bring the look, feel and motion of a favourite adult performer into the privacy of their own homes.

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