LELO Taps Charlie Sheen to Endorse New Hex Condom

NEW YORK — LELO, the Swedish pleasure products manufacturer that was one of the first to present items made from high-quality materials and featuring innovative technology, presented one of the first major innovations in condoms with the global launch Monday of the LELO Hex, which is already being endorsed by Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen.

Photo credit: LELO

Photo credit: LELO

“After I announced my HIV status last November, I was surprised when I saw searches for information about condoms increased,” Sheen told AVN. “LELO contacted me about being a sort of spokesman about this new condom, and I was hesitant at first. But then I did some research and saw the technical appeal and the aesthetic appeal and saw it had the ability to really be a game-changer. It seemed like the Hex condom is the next step in revolutionising condoms and getting them used more.”

During the launch party, which took place in a trendy space in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, guests and international members of the press enjoyed hours d’oeuvres and themed cocktails—the Hexecutive and the Hexquisite—while they learned about the new condom.

Filip Sedic, one the three original founders of LELO, addressed the crowd, discussing the research and work behind the development of he Hex and the features that set it apart from others on the market.

“Thirteen years ago, we set out to change the sex toy industry forever,” he said. “We wanted to transform sex toys using modern technology to make them beneficial to customers all over the world. The industry changed us too, because as we grew we began to focus more on sexual health and sexuality.

“Seven or eight years ago, we had people asking us why we couldn't make condoms out of the same silicone we used to make our sex toys so silky soft,” Sedic continued. “We thought why not, and started researching. We found out early on that silicone would not work, and decided it was not about the materials used to make condoms, but it was about the structure.”

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