Why I'm Almost Proud To Be An Amercian

It’s not often I claim to be proud of my country. It’s not the worst place in the world to live in, but we Americans do tend to be an ignorant and arrogant lot. However, the other day I learned something that made me proud to be an American.

Photo credits: Naughty America

Photo credits: Naughty America

You see, PornHub released it’s 2015 End of Year Review back in January. In doing so, it showed the world that the good ole U.S. of A., by a wide margin, is the greatest country on earth. If you define greatest as, “Who watches the most porn”, that is. Especially as we like to pretend that we are this Puritan society, it just cracks me up. It really does give a whole new meaning to the term “bible-banging”. We also won 'The Gold' for the 'Creepiest Most Popular Search': Step-Mom.


Okay. Here’s where I come clean in the dirtiest, most shameful sense of the word. Yes, I have watched Step-Mom porn. Make your judgements, cast your dispersions all you like; that stuff frickin' hot! I'm guessing it goes back to my own personal daddy issues and really wanting to stick it to him by 'sticking' it to someone else. If my Step-Mom hadn't been the she-beast that she was, I might even have tried. Of course, I stopped talking to my dad when I was 14, so it would have been illegal, and she hated me with an unholy passion that burned more brilliantly than my Light Bright, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't have given it my best shot. Hate-sex is hot too!

I'm admit I may need counselling... And a shower.

Worldwide, “Step-Mom” was #3 behind “Teen” and “Lesbian” in the most popular porn searches of 2015. The other “steps” i.e. dad, sister, brother etc. all made the top 25 worldwide searches in multiple rankings, often with at least two being in the top 5. All of this leads to an intriguing moral question. Given that morals do tend to change over time with desensitization from consistent exposure, are we moving towards an era where we can place our “steps” back into our personal dating pool?

Then again, there are some incestuous fantasies that are a part of our pop culture. Specifically speaking: Twins. Blood relatives that offer twice the number of matching happy bits. This is a theme that is almost universally considered to be a life goal by Straight men and more than a few Bisexual / Lesbian women I know. One that is featured prominently in television, movies, and books. One that, as far as I can tell, pretty much only seems overly objectionable to the the twins I've asked if they’d be willing.

Moral ambiguity aside, when you look at the lists you see that “taboo searches” make up a good percentage of the porn being watched by a majority of the peoples in the world. I have to wonder if it’s just because it is something we are told we shouldn't want? I mean, I personally get the giggles doing things I know others wouldn't approve of. It’s a little bit dangerous, a little bit naughty, a little bit dark. All things we like to secretly believe we are. But, is there more to it? Are these the first baby steps down the path to again redefining what’s acceptable?

As a society we seem to be embracing these sides of our sexuality in a much more open manner. 50 Shades of Grey, love it or hate it, served to bring BDSM and kink out of the dirty corners of millions of repressed housewives imaginations and onto their night stands. I was kinky before that piece of 'Twilight fan-fiction' vibrated its way into the hearts and clits of the 'vanilla world', and it’s interesting to have watched the transition. Something that was listed in the DSM as a mental illness just a few years ago is now something OKCupid uses to compare matches. That’s quite a large leap for social acceptance of a concept.

Along that same line of thinking, Game of Thrones heavily focuses on an incestuous coupling between brother and sister. To most people I've spoken to, their opinion of the relationship has transformed from mild repulsion to being upset they are at odds. Is it really much of a surprise then that people are looking towards those other socially stigmatized areas of their sexuality with a bit more zeal?

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