Sextacles: How Snapchat's New Spectacles are Being Used in the Sack

When Snap CEO Evan Spiegel described Spectacles—his company's first piece of hardware, a pair of video-shooting sunglasses—in a September Wall Street Journal story, he called them a "toy." 

Image credits: Bob Al-Greene; Mashable

Image credits: Bob Al-Greene; Mashable

There's more than one type of a toy in this world, however, and there's one Spectacles use case we're not yet seeing, at least not publicly: Spectacles as a sex toy. 

Of course, behind closed doors, it's already happened.

"It was the first thing I thought as we were waiting in line," said media entrepreneur Rachel, who bought a pair from the first popup shop in Venice Beach with the guy she's seeing. (Names of users have been changed by Mashable at their request for privacy.) 

Rachel's not alone. Financial analyst Richard was interested in filming himself in the act with a recent girlfriend. He saw the perfect opportunity, when he got a pair of Spectacles from the shop in New York.

"It seemed easy, and better than a phone," he told Mashable. "I liked my point of view instead of a side table, because it feels more authentic. I was there, and this is what I'm seeing, and I remember what I was feeling when I re-watch the videos."

Snap will soon be a big, public company, but not that long ago it was just an app commonly associated with sexting. Its foundation in disappearing messages—the once-unique feature that made Snapchat a must-have—made sending naughty material seem less risky, even if it's with a complete stranger. And sure, Snapchat's built out their product to appeal to different users, in different ways, via the news-focused Live Stories and publisher perspectives on Discover (which is a Mashable partner). But by releasing a physical product like Spectacles, Snap Inc. has repositioned itself as a lifestyle tech company. And with this comes the potential, of course, for innovations in sexual pleasure and fun. 

To wit, take our friend Richard's feedback: "The circular video part"—which is how Spectacles films footage, where users watching Spectacle-shot media can look around the footage, simply by moving their phone—"was really cool." 

"By turning my phone," he continued, "I get a whole new vantage point." Of his own amateur sex footage, he means. And maybe, one day, someone else's.

An instant connection 

The idea was an obvious one for some Snapchat users, Rachel and Richard included. Right after the initial Spectacles rollout, people were already cracking the same joke on social media. The idea was practically floated by Snap themselves in the marketing for Spectacles—photos of models, donning the sunglasses, while shirtless. 

But you know what they say—there's truth in every joke. And this one's time is coming.

Given the limited availability of Snapchat Spectacles, the sexual accessorising of them has yet to begin in earnest. Mashable reached out to more than two dozen Spectacles owners and found that the majority hadn't engaged in any sexual act with their new toy. 

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