What's The World's Sexiest Species?

Birds do it. Bees do it. Yet the way that human beings do it, is just something else. I have often walked in the forest and have never seen a badger with bondage gear, a cow with a corset or a squirrel with a strap-on; they just don’t seem to do that stuff. 

Ducks wouldn’t quack to compete for the title of the most kinky sex life but they would have something to say, if the question was opened to the entire animal kingdom.

Even though it would be noisy, it seems clear that humans would come out on top. Some animals are really high up on the kinky scale, there may be conversations between one teenage praying mantis to another like “Hey, you do know she’s going to eat your head right?!” “Yeah… but look at that ass!”.

It is extremely pleasing to know that human females don’t do that. Porn would be a whole different ball game if this was a Mantis run society and no doubt the industry would collapse due to the lack of male performers. Yes, they are a one trick pony in that respect. We on the other hand, have so many diverse ways of ‘getting off’ that we must surely rank as the world’s sexiest species. Rest assured that the moment we manage to upload our consciousness to a computer, will be the same moment that research into sexually stimulating computers will outweigh the NASA budget.

Find a species with a more diverse sex life and you will probably have found the one that could take over from us humans. Rats and ants, you got nothing!