How to Tell if It’s Porn or Anxiety That’s Ruining Your Sex Life

On Nov. 29, legislators in the U.K. approved a bill that would limit the amount of access young people would have to online pornography. If given the nod by the House of Lords, the law will, amongst other things, force internet providers to eliminate porn from the content they provide, unless the consumer specifically asks for it. (Via Motto)

Sextacles: How Snapchat's New Spectacles are Being Used in the Sack

When Snap CEO Evan Spiegel described Spectacles—his company's first piece of hardware, a pair of video-shooting sunglasses—in a September Wall Street Journal story, he called them a "toy." (Via Mashable)

What Happens to Porn When Women Step Behind the Camera?

Women in the porn industry are fighting the forces of sexism, racism and homophobia, one dirty film at a time. (Via AlterNet)

MPs Debate Porn Block for Twitter

MPs have asked how new rules aimed at stopping children seeing pornographic content will affect websites such as Twitter. (Via BBC News)

U.K. Digital Economy Bill Moves Forward to House of Lords

Members of the House of Commons today approved the third reading of the U.K. Digital Economy Bill, effectively sending the draft legislation to the House of Lords for consideration. (Via XBIZ)

Japan Porn Industry Issues Formal Apology

Japan's multi-billion-dollar pornographic industry has issued a formal apology and promised change in response to allegations that women have been forced to perform sex acts on film against their will. (Via IOL)

Crackdown on America’s favourite form of entertainment: Is porn endangered in the Trump era?

Earlier this year, the Republican Party declared internet pornography a “public health crisis.” The term “public menace” also made its way into the party principles document. (Via Salon)

People Are Really Into Pilgrim Porn Around Thanksgiving

For many of us, our porn viewing may take place in the privacy of our bedrooms, but it's influenced by all sorts of external events. Around Halloween, people were seeking out pumpkins and zombies. (Via Refinery29)

UK to censor online videos of 'non-conventional' sex acts

Campaigners label bill targeted at online pornography a ‘prurient’ intervention that will take Britain’s censorship regime back to pre-internet era. (Via the Guardian)

The Government Wants to Ban Porn in the UK unless Web Sites Verify Users' Ages

The UK government has drafted legislation that would require internet service providers to block pornographic web sites if they do not verify users' ages. The intent of the law is to prevent children from seeing adult material on the web. (Via Business Insider UK)

Authorities probe porn films made on city streets in Spain

Shoppers may have been just a little surprised if they had happened to be on one of Madrid’s busiest commercial zones one late October morning to see a scantily clad young woman, blindfolded and gagged wondering through the crowds. (Via The Local ES)

Is Virtual Reality Porn just Foreplay? Augmented Reality; the Future of Adult Entertainment?

The adult industry has been propelling — and in some cases initiating — new technologies since the invention of the printing press. Mainstream tech like VCRs and DVDsstreaming videoencryptioneven credit card verification all owe at least some of their success to porn. Could virtual reality be next? (Via Geekwire)

With the condom law defeated, the industry looks to make its return

Southern California’s signature and controversial adult entertainment industry may return home after the defeat of a measure that would have mandated condoms on adult film sets statewide. (Via L.A. Times)

Could New HIV 'Test On A Stick' Help the Adult Industry?

In a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, a group of nine scientists announced they have devised a simple method to detect the presence of HIV RNA. (Via AVN)

Sex Workers To Hold Rally To Ask Gov. Brown To Discuss Decriminalisation

Sex workers from all over California are taking their 24,000+ signature petition to Sacramento and asking Gov. Jerry Brown to discuss the decriminalisation of sex work and ending discrimination against sex workers. (Via AVN)

Prop 60 Has Been Defeated!

After a long and (figuratively) bloody fight, the adult industry scored an amazing victory last night with the defeat of Prop 60, the so-called Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act. (Via AVN)

Op-Ed: Unity Is a Beautiful Thing

In what has risen to a tsunami-like crescendo of #NoProp60 publicity at the eleventh hour, with the likes of comedy giant Seth Rogen tweeting his opposition to the draconian condom enforcement...

'Backlash Kink Olympixxx' Protest Slated for Oct. 17 in London

U.K. “obscenity” lawyer Myles Jackman and feminist pornographer Pandora Blake have organized a protest called the“Backlash Kink Olympixxx,” slated for Oct. 17 outside of Parliament. (Via XBIZ)